Revolution Coffee Co.
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Honor. Culture. Service.

These are the values that we hold in high regard. To create an atmosphere where every person is recognized for what makes them unique, where they are encouraged and uplifted, and where they are valued as the most important part of what we do.


The RCC Team


Meet Benjamin,

Owner/operator of RCC. Benjamin Hernandez is a coffee professional with 7 years of experience working in and running coffee shops. He has competed in latte art competitions, judged America's Best Espresso, and assisted in establishing shops. He is passionate about seeing a positive shift in culture and believes in the power of the business sector to influence culture to spread a mindset of wealth and prosperity.


Meet Natalie,

Co-owner of RCC. Natalie Popplewell is an accomplished entrepreneur with a heart for creative innovation in business. She's a natural coffee addict and has always dreamed of venturing into the mystical coffee world. With a love for business and a passion for people, there's no height she won't reach.


Meet Amanda,

Social Media/Marketing Wizard. Amanda Mendenhall is the genius behind every ounce of marketing Revolution Coffee Company has. As an inspired entrepreneur and world class photographer, she's gifted with the eye and talent to capture life's most beautiful moments. She is a roaring fire of creativity who inspired the entire RCC team daily.